repurposed silverware box

Repurposed Silverware Box

Learn how to repurpose old silverware boxes or bins into unique spring decor using your HomeRight paint sprayer and Wagner spray shelter.

Maybe I’m not the only one to have an old silverware box tucked away. They get passed down from generation to generation, sometimes with flatware. However, most often they are empty awaiting new life. In this case, I received two silverware boxes that are prime for the upcycle. Time to create some DIY spring décor!

Step 1:

When my friend sent me this picture asking me if I’d like them, I couldn’t resist. Why? I’ve remade silverware boxes before as seen in these posts.. They are so handy for many things. This time around, I want to turn them into a cute set of vintage style luggage boxes. Do you see the potential?

silverware boxes

Step 2:

First order of business is to remove the lining, inner parts, and hardware. I make any repairs needed and then it’s time to break out my tools. I’m all about tools making it easier. First, I have my HomeRight Quick Finish Sprayer, then my Wagner Small Spray Shelter with Turn Table . If you want to see the Quick Finish in action, you can view my video demo HERE.

paint sprayer and shelter

Step 3:

To get it set up, I simply follow manufacturing instructions on thinning the paint, fill my canister, and practice my spray flow on cardboard or scrap wood. Then, it’s time to have at it. Woot! It literally only takes minutes to coat each one with a first layer. Then, I need to let it cure and second coat.

spraying silverware boxes

Step 4:

Next, I add fun details that include stripes using painter’s tape and a brush for this part. You can add whatever you want. Feel free to have fun with it!

painting silverware box

Step 5:

When the paint has cured, I take both boxes to a new level by adding stencils, stickers, tags, and this fun hardware. Also, I line the inside with fabric. You can use my video tutorial for lining in my other silverware box makeover in this post.

luggage hardware for silverware box

Step 6:

After my details are added and the boxes are lined, here they are ready to go. Aren’t they cute? I just love them both, and I can’t pick a favorite.

thrifted spring vignette

Step 7:

And, here’s a peek at the inside. I couldn’t resist choosing a vintage style stripe to really pull it all together. What would you have done differently?

inside vignette lining

Step 8:

I hope you are inspired to create your own home story too. You can find more fun DIY projects on my blog and these cases and more in my online shop at Prodigal Pieces. Feel free to ask questions and share. Until next time!

This sponsored post was created by Prodigal Pieces.

stacked luggage spring decor

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