Dollar Store Christmas Village

Learn how to create a holiday Christmas village using dollar store decorations. Use the HomeRight paint sprayer to create a unifying, festive design.

I’m so excited to share this dollar store Christmas village update with you. I used the HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer, the Small Spray Shelter, and the TurnTable for paint spraying.

Typically I use the green nozzle (2.0 mm) for most of my furniture projects. But for this smaller project I used the small wrench to switch out for the blue nozzle (1.5 mm).

The Super Finish Max paint sprayer comes with these three nozzles (tips). More tips are available (sold separately). I used the red tip (4.0 mm) when I painted a concrete block outbuilding.

The small spray shelter comes in a handy pouch with the directions attached.

The shelter literally just pops up into place. I like to clamp the back of the shelter onto my work table, using a scrap 2x4 to hold down the front. I opened the rear vent for airflow and ventilation. Be sure to check out the video on Amazon of how to close the shelter for storage!

Because my paint has a little age on it, I strained it in my reusable mesh paint strainer.

Before painting, I used a small piece of duct tape to secure the Christmas village building to the turntable. The tape was left in place for each of the remaining village pieces.

Using the turntable really makes this job quick and easy! NOTE: I started with the flow control dialed back and increased it slightly after I saw the width of my spray pattern.

After spraying a couple of the Christmas village pieces, you can see there is a small amount of over spray on the turntable, but very little on the bottom of the spray shelter itself. That is because of the flow control I chose.

I love the way the small plastic pieces turned out using my Super Finish Max paint sprayer.

Here’s the dollar store village before and after. The power of paint is amazing! Be sure to hop over to My Repurposed Life to see how I’m using this updated Christmas Village!!

This sponsored post was created by My Repurposed Life. Head to the blog for the full post and details about this project.

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