refinished front door

How to Refinish a Front Door

Learn how to refinish your front door to look brand new by using a HomeRight paint sprayer to get the job done and receive a great finish!

Our front door is original to the house. We are lucky it has survived for 80+ years. When we moved here it was in bad shape, but I was able to sand it down and restore it. Years and years later, it was starting to look a bit weathered again. It was time for a bit of a refresh, and I knew just the tool to help me out. The Super Finish Max!

refinished front door

It is so much easier than you might think! And it is the perfect weekend project.


Step 1: Sand!

After you remove the hardware, it is time to sand. You don’t need to completely sand it down to the bare wood. All you need to do is hand sand it until it is smooth. Use a 120 grit sandpaper first and then use a 220 grit paper. Always sand with the wood grain.

sanding front door

Step 2: Clean!

Once you are done sanding, wipe it clean. Let it completely dry. Once dry, if there are streaks, wipe again.

cleaning front door

Step 3: Seal!

Now it is time to re-seal the door. Make sure to tape off anything you don’t want to get sealer on it.

Use a quality sealer that is meant to withstand outside elements. I used a spar urethane which has more resin and is a bit more yellowish than polyurethane. But is better at blocking UV rays and protecting against water.

I used the Super Finish Max sprayer to apply the sealer. It was so fast and worked like a charm!

spraying front door

Step 4: Add hardware and hang!

When it started to cool down and get dark, we brought the door inside to finish drying. I allowed it to dry for as long as possible and then carefully put it back up and added the hardware. Since we only had a sheet covering the opening while the door was getting worked on, it was nice the project went so fast so we could do it all in one day.

refinished front door

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