stained archway

Backyard Archway

Create a gorgeous backyard archway to enhance the look of your outdoor space and use a HomeRight paint sprayer to apply a fresh coat of stain on the wood.

Every year we try to complete at least one big project in our yard. We have so many plans for our outdoor space, so it is always nice when we can check one off the list. This year we built an archway at the back of our property that would look nice and create more privacy.

backyard before arch

Because of the scale of this project (and my fear of heights) this was a team effort and I could not have done it without my husband. I drew up the plans, shopping list, cut list, and cut some of the lumber. My husband assembled the arch.

measuring lumber for arch

It was fun to see it slowly come together!

arch progress

I was so excited when it was finally built. It is always fun to see something go from a sketch to a real tangible thing. The arch is 13 feet tall at the peak and 7 feet wide.

finished arch

Since I avoid going higher than 2 or 3 steps up a ladder, Shane stained the top of the arch. I hog the Super Finish Max most of the time, so he was excited to use the sprayer again.

spraying stain on arch

I sprayed everything I could reach from the safety of the ground. It is always so satisfying to see something change right before your eyes. I love my Super Finish Max Sprayer!

spraying stain on arch

I can’t wait to see the arch with vines growing up! As soon as it cools a bit I will get them planted.

finished stained archway

We also fixed the gate and stained it to match the arch. It now matches all the other gates in our yard.

finished stained archway

This is the best time of year to tackle outdoor projects and furniture makeovers since the weather is cooling down. What projects do you have in mind this Fall?

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