diy patio sectional sofa

DIY Patio Sectional Sofa

Learn how to create a DIY patio sectional sofa this summer using a HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer to apply the finish.

It’s that time of year when summer projects move to the forefront and can really change up our way of outdoor living. There’s nothing better than having a place to gather with family and friends in our own back yard. Today, I’m eager to show you how we built our DIY patio sectional sofa large enough to seat our family of 8 and guests.

Before I get started, I want to show you what we had in our patio space before this time. Umm…it maybe fit 3 folks? So, it definitely needed to be bigger and sturdier. For about 6 years now, I’ve been requesting a custom set to be built as gift for my birthday. I could build it myself, but I really wanted my partner in DIY crime (aka. JC, my husband) to help. Finally, I decide to start it myself and he agreed to help me on my actual birthday.

sectional before

First, we set up shop on our patio to make a sort of assembly system. We cut our pieces to suit a 24” seat using the plans at Ana White as a basic guide making changes to suit our needs. You can see our changes to the plans on my blog HERE. The best part is that you can make as many seats as you like, leave off arms, add arms…you get the idea.

cutting lumber

Then, once we have everything set up, we quickly find a groove and cutting and assembly moves fast. Some of the changes we made were to make the surfaces as clean as possible with no screw heads showing. My goal is to make this easy to manage and clean and that means pocket joints. When we built our patio picnic table, I revised plans to have no screw heads and it was the best decision ever. No snags or places for things to gather gunk from trees.

assembling sectional

Thankfully, we had all 8 seats assembled in less than two days’ time. Here, you can see we use pocket joints to assemble. It makes it sturdy and out-of-sight.

assembling diy outdoor sectional

It’s at this time, I did a happy dance and sang “happy birthday to me!” Doesn’t it look fantastic four our space?

assembled outdoor sectional

However, the fun is just beginning! I don’t want that treated wood look, so it’s time to dress up my sectional sofa. I bring out my favorite HomeRight tool, the Super Finish Max Extra Sprayer.. I wanted to use the same color stain as we used to refresh our pergola last summer.

homeright super finish max sprayer spraying

No joke, I literally have this entire set’s first coat complete in less than 30 minutes. Yeah, baby! That alone spurs me on to want to spray all the things. Can you blame me? The key is to (1) read manufacturer instructions for the thinning the stain (or paint or poly as the sprayer can do those too) (2) practice on a piece of cardboard before starting (3) hinge at your shoulder and not your wrist or elbow (4) begin spraying before you hit your project surface and continue spraying off (5) keep sprayer about 12 inches away from surface while spraying.

spraying diy outdoor sectional

Finally, here is the sectional set up and with two coats of stain. eep! Needless to say, I’m stoked with the outcome. This thing isn’t going to blow away in a storm, and will withstand many years of family memories.

stained diy outdoor sectional

Our backyard makeover is looking so much better! In addition to building the patio sectional, I also rebuilt the reclaimed washtub coffee table, and my kids help refinish our dining table and benches too. Many hands make light work is so true!

finished diy outdoor sectional

My goal, as always, is inspire you to give DIY a try. And, without a doubt, the HomeRight tools make my job less stressful and such a breeze to complete. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me via the contact tab on my site: Prodigal Pieces. Stop by to say Hi! Until next time...

DIY Patio Sectional

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