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Updated Planters for Curb Appeal

Update your summer planters to boost your curb appeal this summer. Do it the easy way by painting the planter with a HomeRight paint sprayer.

Each year when spring and summer roll around, it’s time to take a close look at our curb appeal. Ya know, the vibe you get while coming up on your home from a visitor’s perspective, right? It says much about our lifestyle and what they can find inside. Let’s put our best foot forward.

Step 1

Before we get started on our DIY adventure, first take a look at the “before” of my project area. We replaced our front entry door last year, so you know how dominos fall…when you fix one thing, you have to fix more. I call it DIY dominos. haha.

door before painting

Step 2

Essentially, because our door changed, that caused my choice to stain my flower boxes darker. Then, that means my planters I built about 4 years ago (free build plans HERE) are looking dated too. The original finish I did was a stain. However, this time I’m aiming for paint to tie in my other entry doors new blue color called Superstition.

planter closeup

Step 3

Let’s get started! First, I clean up the planter and tighten it up loose spots. Then, out comes my fun HomeRight tools. I set up my Medium Spray Shelter and pull out my Quick Finish Sprayer. This set of tools makes the job done in half a day…really! The tent pops up into place for fast setup. Next, I fill the canister of the sprayer, thinning per manufacturer instructions. Before I start spraying, I test out the flow on a piece of cardboard.

spraying planter with homeright sprayer

Step 4

Next, it’s time to have blasting paint fun. My spraying took about 10 minutes, then I let the paint cure. Second coat is done even faster. The best part is that this particular sprayer makes cleanup a breeze with the Quick Connect nozzle. What more could a girl ask for?

homeright quick finish sprayer

Step 5

Last, here are my updated planters with their new spiffy color. They now tie in with the rest of my home and add a little pop of color for added curb appeal. Plus, I get to fill them with my favorite coral color impatients. Do you have a favorite color for your flowers?

finished painted planter

Step 6

Whether you’re starting out in a new home, occupying a rental, or have been there for decades, you can always spice things up with a bit of elbow grease. It’s fun and you can get the whole family involved. It delighted my mama heart to head to the greenhouse for flowers. The best kind of gift that keeps on giving. My goal is to inspire you and encourage you to give DIY a try. You can find more fun DIY projects on my blog and these cases and more in my online shop at Prodigal Pieces. Feel free to ask questions and share. Until next time!

painted planter reveal

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