garage siding before and after

How to Paint Garage Siding

Learn how to paint your garage siding to achieve a nice, uniform finish using a Super Finish Max paint sprayer from HomeRight.

We have painted and fixed up the front of our garage a couple of times in the past 13 years, but we have never tackled the back. It is probably because no one ever sees it. Now that we have done a lot of projects in the backyard, the garage was sticking out like a sore thumb. It was time to finally do this painting project and with the help of the Super Finish Max, it went so quickly!

garage siding before

Step 1: Scrape Off the Old Paint

I am terrified of going higher than the third or fourth step on a ladder, so my husband agreed to help me with this project.

He started by scraping off the old paint. The wire brush got not only the paint off, but all the dirt and grime.

scrape off old paint

Step 2: Power Wash or Clean the Surface

I hosed off the areas he had scraped. The cleaner you can get the surface the better. Paint won’t hold up very well on a dusty or dirt surface.

cleaning garage siding

Step 3: Caulk the Wood Gaps

Once it had completely dried, he caulked all the gaps in the old wood slats. The garage is over 80 years old, so it had a lot of cracks and areas where the wood had warped. It took quite a bit of caulk!

caulk wood gaps

Step 4: Spray the Siding

We covered the brick with a tarp to protect it from any possible overspray. Then I filled the Super Finish Max Sprayer sprayer with the tan paint we had used on the front of the garage. He sprayed the whole thing in about 10 minutes including getting down the ladder, moving it, and climbing back up. It is so much faster than rolling it on! It was very dry wood and it took four coats of paint.

After my husband did the eave, I painted the fountain with the Super Finish Max as well. Bye, bye hot pink!

spraying siding with paint sprayer

Enjoy the New Look!

While it is not a project many people will see since it faces the back of our yard, I am happy with how it looks and am grateful to have it crossed off our list. We will enjoy seeing the finished project as we are out in the yard.

garage siding after spraying

painted garage siding

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