garage with diy outdoor planters

DIY Outdoor Planters

Learn how to paint and create beautiful outdoor planters using scrap wood and a HomeRight paint sprayer to get a great finish.

I have been doing more outdoor projects since the weather has warmed up. One of the projects on my to-do list was to create planters for next to my garage. The smaller plastic ones would continually blow over in the wind. Since I have a huge pile of scrap wood in my garage that I really need to use up, I decided to make these planters with supplies I already had on hand.

Step 1:

I cut some 1x4s down to the size I wanted and cut the ends the ends at 45 degrees.

scrap wood pieces

Step 2:

I drilled some pocket holes in the shorter boards and attached them all together with pocket screws. This created a frame.

nailing scrap wood pieces

Step 3:

Next, I nailed on some scrap pieces of plywood to the backs to create the panels. I also used caulk to help seal the wood. Wood glue would work as well.

nailing plywood on planters

Step 4:

Using a nail gun, I nailed the panels together. I also used caulk to seal the seams.

finishing planters

Step 5:

I added 2x4s to the bottom and used some 2x2s to create feet. Since I was going to be placing the plant inside instead of planting it directly, I wanted gaps so the water could drain out easily.

planter base

Step 6:

It was time to paint! I used the HomeRight turn table with a board on top to make it easier to paint. After I painted the first side, I simply twirled the planter around and painted the next side all without having to move. So handy!

turntable on drop cloth

outdoor planter on turntable

I used the Super Finish Max Sprayer to paint the planters a dark navy.

spraying outdoor planter

I am really happy with how they turned out! I think they look great next to the garage and up the curb appeal of our home. Not too bad for a pile of scrap wood!

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