Feature Image How to Steam Clean a Grill

How to Clean a Barbecue Grill Without Harsh Chemicals

Steam clean your grill to get it ready for the summer cooking season

Materials Needed:

  • SteamMachine Elite
  • Simple Green BBQ Cleaner
  • Heavy duty rubber gloves
  • Plastic or other non-pourous drop cloth
  • Metal paint scraper
  • Clean disposable rags
  • Safety googles
  • Soap and water
  • Wire brush or heavy duty scrubbing sponge


Grill before cleaning


Grill After Cleaning

Project Steps:

Hi friends, it’s Wendi with H2OBugalow. Today I’m sharing how to clean an outdoor barbecue grill and give it a good makeover. I took our almost 10 year old grill, gave it a good cleaning and makeover. It looks almost new! Take a peek at the close-ups to see what I started with. As soon as the weather starts warming up, our outdoor grill gets put to good use. This year I’m getting ready for outdoor time early and starting our season off with a clean grill. Cleaning an outdoor grill isn’t hard, in fact it’s pretty easy when you use the SteamMachine Elite.

Grill Cleaning Intro Image


Disconnect and remove the propane tank. If you have a propane or natural gas grill, disconnect the gas. Remove the interior grate and lava rocks. If you have a charcoal grill remove any leftover briquettes and ashes.

Remove Tank before cleaning


Prepare the SteamMachine Add water to the SteamMachine and let it heat up. While the water is heating, put the short handle attachment and wire brush attachment together.

Brush Cleaning attachment for SteamMachine


Spray the Simple Green Cleaner into the basin of the grill. Take off the grill grates and spray the inside of the grill generously with the Simple Green BBQ cleaner. Spray both sides of the grates and lay them on top of the grill.

Spray cleaning for grills


Begin Cleaning the Grates Begin cleaning each grate by moving the wire attachment back and forth along the wire slates of the grate. Here's a handy tip, you can depress and lock the "steam on" button so you don't have to manually hold the button down to keep the steam flowing. While you’re cleaning the grate, the steam will also penetrate and work with the Simple Green to loosen caked on grease in the basin of the outdoor grill. As you finish each grate, soak it in a tub of hot soapy water and use a wire brush or heavy duty sponge to remove the residual grease and dirt. Rinse well and put aside.

Cleaning Grates on Grill


Clean the basin of the grill Remove the grates and spray more cleaner into the basin of the grill. Steam clean the grill basin with the wire brush attachment and running it along the walls. Use the scrapper tool to scrape up and dispose of clumps of grease and debris.

Cleaning Basin on Grill


Wipe out the grill basin Wipe the inside of the grill with rags until there is no more debris or grease. Dispose of rags.

Wipe out grill basin


Clean the interior of the grill top Once the grill basin and grates are clean, steam clean the grill top edges as well as inside the top where needed.

Steam Cleaner attachment


Steam clean the grill exterior Change the cleaning tool to the soft brush and steam clean the outside of the grill where needed.

Steam Cleaning Grill cover


Wipe Dry Use a clean soft rag to wipe the outside of the grill dry.

wipe grill dry

STEP 10:

Reassemble the grill or continue on with a grill makeover If all your grill needed was a good cleaning then you're almost done! Go ahead and reassemble the grill, replacing any parts that may need to be assembled. If the exterior of your grill looks like mine did, you may want to go one step further and give the outside of your grill a makeover. You can see how I transformed my old rusty grill into one that looks anything but 10 years old in my post, How to Makeover a Barbecue Grill on my blog.

How to makeover a grill exterior

STEP 11:

Either way, you'll be ready for outdoor fun and great times grilling with family and friends!
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Complete grill makeover and cleaning

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