How to Stain a Fence

When we first moved in we put up a fence that separated out front and backyard. I stained it with a brush and even though it was less than 20 feet long, it took me all afternoon and it was a mess! Now we have fences along the sides of our property and I knew a brush was not the way to go. I used my Super Finish Max and all 500 or so feet was stain in one afternoon with no mess! I'll share my tips for staining a fence quickly.

First, select the spray right tip for the job. The blue tip is meant for stain.

Mix your stain well to ensure an even color. Every time you refill the canister, stir again. Make sure to wear a mask while spraying. I forgot at first but the first time a breeze blew I was quickly reminded that it would be a good idea to go grab one!

I started at the top and sprayed four pickets wide. I overlapped each spray to ensure even coverage. I adjusted the spray so that just enough stain came out to cover the wood.

Put on some headphones and listen to a podcast and you will be done before you know it! It is fun to watch the progress happen so quickly using the Super Finish Max.

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