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How to Clean a Fireplace

Learn how to easily clean a fireplace and wipe away built up soot and grime by using a chemical free steam cleaner to make easy work of the task.

I always take a week or two to deep clean my house after putting the holiday decor away. This year, once I was done at my house, I decided to sneak over to my mom's while she was out and clean something I have noticed could use a good scrub....her fireplace! Fireplaces are probably the least fun thing to clean but with the help of my SteamMachine Elite, it was so much easier!

fireplace before

The first thing I did was vacuum out all the old ashes with my shop vac. I also ran the vacuum attachment over the stone and brick to get as much loose soot as possible. The more you vacuum away, the less you have to scrub clean.

vacuum fireplace

Next I started with the plastic bristle brush attachment and steamed away the majority of the soot around the outside of the fireplace using my SteamMachine Elite. Most of it just dripped right off!

steam cleaning fireplace

Have some rags handy to wipe away the sooty water that drips down. It is so satisfying!

wipe clean

For the tougher spots, and for the inside of the fireplace, I used the wire brush attachment. Be careful not to scrub too hard or it will damage the rock or stone.

steam cleaning fireplace

It still takes a bit of elbow grease to scrub away years of black soot, but I didn't have to use any harsh chemicals. It really only took about an hour, some water, and a handful of rags. Now it is all ready for a new fire!

fireplace after cleaning

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