How it all Began…


………..We did not dream of it.
We had no funds, no premises

We only knew that …There are many disabled children who needed specialized care and support, there are helpless parents who did not easily accept their
child‘s disability, If they did, they did not know where to go for help, those who had a child with more than one disability had to go from pillar to post, many could not afford the fees of specialists, many did not have time as they were poor daily wage earners, the child had to be part of the family

When intentions are good, doors open automatically ……….

                                                                    …………….AND ARPAN was established.

Perhaps the first of its kind in India, ARPAN – Diagnostic & Development Centre
was established in Vadodara (Gujarat) in December, 1993.




Provision of all possible facilities to Special Children and their parents to raise their ability quotient to as close to the expected as possible.

To enable the parents of special children to live a dignified life, to facilitate the development of special children to their maximum potential by providing counseling, therapies, education and training facilities so as to convert their helplessness to hope.